Turquoise Makeup

Turquoise is one of my favorite colors, I was curious how this color would look on my eyes, because I have blue eyes and  I don't really like to experiment too much with the colors, and i don't like doing dramatic looks I prefer more naturals, but If you combine this color with bronze and soft orange color it looks great and its perfect for every eye color. :)

I was using:
Ingrid Mineral foundation (29)
Max Factor stick concealer
Catherine Arley powder
Makeup portfolio eyeshadows
Ruby Rose matte eyeshadows
Mac -amber lights
Jordana cosmetics loose eyeshadow
Impala pen eyeliner
H&M beauty sponge
Golden rose lipstick 03
Isadora cosmetics lip gloss
Brooklin lip pencil
Maybelline rocket mascara
Essence and impala makeup brushes