How I organize my makeup

 I'm always looking for some tips and inspiration posts how to organize my makeup, and I always end up disappointed. I Wanted so badly  an Organizer with drawers but I cant find it in Macedonia, I tried to buy it from the internet but with shipping was too expensive so i needed to try other ways.
My dad bought a Paper Organizer, when I saw it I knew it was perfect for my makeup!

For my makeup brushes I bought a glass (cup) and i decorated them with pearls.

  1.  In the first drawer I got my foundations, makeup brushes and eyeliners.

2. In the second drawer I got my eyeshadow bases and some eyeshadows that I use everyday.

3. In the third drawer I got my blushes, bronzers powder and highlighters.

Other makeup :)

If you know some DIY tips how can I organize my lipstick please share them with me.

With Love,