My top 5 favorite drugstore foundations

1. Max Factor Face Finity all day flawless 3 in 1 foundation - This is 3 in 1 foundation (primer concealer and foundation) and this is actually my favorite foundation right now. It has medium-full coverage and it has a matte finish. Stays pretty long on the skin, maybe about 8-9 hours.I love it, its easy to apply and stay fresh all day! :)

2. L'oreal True Mach - I like this foundation very much, it has a really good coverage and it looks natural on the skin. The coverage is buildable and that's why I love it so much plus it's not sticky or dull looking. L'oreal also has an amazing color selection so there should be no problem finding your shade.The only problem is that i have a dry skin and this foundation shows that even more.

3. Rimmel stay matte - One of  my favorite summer foundations. For the price it has a really good coverage, even if I have normal/dry skin it looks perfectly on my skin. I totally love it and i recommend it! :)

4. Seventeen Time plus - It has a small-medium coverage, looks very natural on the skin. I wouldn't recommend it to people that have skin problems, or people that want full coverage.

5. Essence Soft Touch Mousse - Very good structure, easy to blend, medium coverage, matte finish, very good price, but very bad range of shades.

- When You are at the drugstore, the best place to swatch your product is on your jaw line (between your neck and your face).